SEO Tools

Retrieves HTTP information from your browser

Is a free tool that displays the total count of all words displayed in a body of text

Ideal for checking the overall size of a webpage, including content and images.

Return all the Server headers from a page, including server, content-type among others.

Check a page's popularity among several search engines by seeing how many results are returned for links to your site.

Alexa Ranking feature checks the Alexa Rank for any given domain. This can be used to measure a website's overall popularity. The Alexa Rank is determined and measured by Alexa toolbar users.

Tools to generate important meta tags for web pages.

SEO Toolbar is a freeware tool that is very much used by many of the SEO Experts. The SEO Toolbar has many features to both speed and help with your SEO work. So, if you use IE and still do not have this SEO toolbar, try it now: