What happened to the search engine submissions on PrioritySubmit?

The search engine submission tools previously provided by PrioritySubmit are no longer the most effective method to boost organic rankings. Times have changed in the digital landscape and solutions to combat these changes have continued to evolve also. One of the newest effective methods is through local SEO, specifically by improving your online reviews. Positive customer reviews will help increase your online reputation and lead to attracting even more customers as a result of a positive review rating.

Where can I find the previous SEO tools?

The previously free SEO tools are still available in the legacy seo tools section, which can be found here

Where can I find even more information about the review management tools?

AddMe Reviews has more information about all things review management. Visit the site for more information about their tools to help your business improve online business reviews.

Where should I go now for more SEO related content?

Our partners at BeOnTop work with all kinds of businesses to help improve their organic and paid rankings through a variety of different campaigns.

Who do I contact for more information?

Fill out the contact us form for any more information regarding our services.